Out in the Field

Cotton-South is the beginning realization of an idea that actually started at least a decade ago. Back then, I had the idea of starting an Internet magazine; its early manifestation was called OurSouth but I relinquished that title/domain after a few years of, well, not doing anything with it. However, the idea never died.

            Now, due to some expert assistance from Chelle Ellis and her obviously ample website-development skills I have, at long last, launched Cotton-South. I hope it will become many things to many people: entertaining, inspirational, educational and just plain fun. Suggestions, compliments and yes, even complaints are welcome.

            My history made this endeavor seem imminently the right thing to do. I have been a freelance writer and photojournalist for newspapers and magazines the past 35 years; along the way I have also edited several publications. Thousands of my stories and pictures have been published in more than 100 publications across the United States, ranging from the Lee County Courier in nearby Tupelo to the New York Times and Washington Post.

            I intend to continue my decades-long endeavor through the pages of Cotton-South and encourage contributors to contact me about future story possibilities.

            Thanks, and I hope you enjoy this e-zine (a term I am not particularly enamored with).

C. Richard Cotton
Saltillo, Mississippi